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Mi|Home Adapter Plus with Raspberry Pi board

*****Download software here***** /p p /p p The A dapter Plus is part of the MiHome home automation range. The A dapter Plus allows you to monitor the power being used by an attached appliance and switch the power on or off . The Mi|HomeA dapter Plus sends energy data information back to the Raspberry Pi using the Raspberry Pi transceiver board. This allows you to monitor how much energy each device is using. A dapter Plus can display the following: /p p Time, /p p Power, /p p Reactive Power, /p p Voltage and /p p Frequency. /p p The unit includes MIHO005 and ENER314-RT CODE: MIHO00 5-RT



Technical Information

p Technical Information /p p - Maximum load: 3000W /p p - Maximum current: 13A /p p -Voltage range: 230-250V 50Hz ac /p p - Plug and socket: BS 5733 and the relevant clauses of BS 1363 /p p - Insulation: Class II /p


Product Instructions