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Pi-Mote IR control board

Energenie's Pi-mote IR board allows you to teach the Raspberry Pi any infra red remote control and then send out the commands to control any IR device. This is done through an LI R C programme running on the Pi. This means you can turn your Raspberry Pi in to any infra red remote in your house. Therefore you can control your TV, media system, iPhone Dock or Air Con with your Raspberry Pi



Technical Information

p Transmitter supply voltage: 5V (min, 2.5V, max. 5.5V) /p p Transmitter supply current: max. 250mA /p p Transmitter output wavelength: 940nm, 1x narrow angle IR LED, 1 x wide angle IR LED /p p Receiver supply voltage: 3.3V (min 2.7V, max. 5.5V) /p p Receiver supply current: Max. 0.5mA p p Receiver carrier frequency: Center frequency 38Khz /p


Product Instructions