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LED Emergency Torch and Night Light

p Our Emergency rechargeable night light automatically lights up when there is a power cut or motion is detected. Making it a perfect when you get up in the night or when you have a power outage. p/ p The product also doubles as a torch which is always charged as it sits on its charger permenantly and charges inductively. This is great as a safety torch when going outside, in to the garage or anywhere dark. It is also very useful in a power cut. p/



Technical Information

Input Rating: 230V, 0.06A, 2W Max., 50HZ /p p LED: 15LED on the front and 5LED on the top /p p Output Rating: 15LED- 1W and 5LED- 0.35W /p p Lumen output: 15LED-22lm; 5LED-32lm /p p Battery Capacity: 250mAh, Li-ion; 15LED last 1h and 5LED last 3h /p p Battery Charging time: 8 hours /p p Sensor distance: 2-3m /p p Sensor degree: 60 /p p On time when triggered: 20s /p p Product Size: Size: 178*80*56mm