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6 gang master slave extension lead

p This 6-gang extension lead is designed to eliminate energy wasted on standby current across a broad range of electrical/electronic appliances, both in the home or place of work. Simply plug the parent product, for example, a Personal Computer, in to the Master socket. When this device is switched off or goes to sleep, all appliances, such as printers, speakers, monitors, will also completely power down, thus saving standby current. When the parent product is switched back on, all of the other products connected to the slave sockets also power up. There is an unmanaged socket also for devices you do not wish to control, such as a WIFI router or desk phone. p/ p As well as saving energy it is highly convenient where you have products that work in line with a master product such as a TV and games console for instance. Now you only have to turn off the TV to turn off all your peripheries p/



Technical Information

br 1 always on socket /br br 1 always on master socket /br br 4 slave sockets with automatic enable/disable /br br 1.5m mains cable /br br Voltage: 240V ac 50Hz /br br Maximum current: 13A /br br Maximum load: 3kW /br br Standby power consumption: 0.5 /br


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